Ecu Remapping From £240

We now specialize in ECU remapping and chip tuning for almost any vehicle on the market and offer quality tuning at very competive prices.

Our remapping technician has extensive knowledge in ECU remapping and chip tuning and the most important thing to us is to make sure that the tuning we do is always done to safe limits

We care about our customers vehicles and what we aim to give you is the most power we can give you on the day of your ECU remap and without putting any unnecessary strain on your engine, all of our tuning is kept well within the safe parameters of your engine and you can be sure that your vehicle won't suddenly be breaking down after it has been remapped by us.

We only use the very latest and highest quality equipment and software to do the ECU remapping and this costs many thousands of pounds because without all of this expensive equipment and tuning software we would not be able to offer the high quality tuning that we install in our customers vehicles, so you can be well assured that your vehicle is in very safe hands with us.

We will create a custom ECU remap just for your vehicle, using the original tuning software file from your vehicle, we won't put a generic tuning file in your vehicle like a lot of tuning companies do.

Most vehicles from the year 2000 and onwards can have the ECU remapped through the OBD diagnostic port on the vehicle, However some vehicles requires the ecu to be removed to flash the remap file

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